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If you're lucky, once in your life a fairy Grandmother comes and teaches you things that you never knew you needed to know and how you were all along the amazingly strong and lovely princess. For me that was My Grandma Elvis. 

Elvis Lorene McCoslin was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and friend. Born in the small town of Donie in 1915, this native daughter of Texas was a woman ahead of her time.  A natural born entertainer and storyteller, My Grandma Elvis created for me the magical world of DonieLand, where make-believe and dreams came true. 


And even when I grew up and began my own journey away at college at the University of Southern California, I always knew that My Grandma Elvis’s love was just a letter or phone call away.

But when Elvis left the building in 1995, a part of me left with her, yet I knew our story couldn’t end there.  It was her continued love and guidance from above encouraging me to share her letters and stories and our ultimate tale. For how could I keep My Grandma Elvis all to myself, when all around I saw others in need of her wisdom and charms? So alas, came the words, the memories, and laughter, and low and behold a magical book came to life. 


So get ready to join us as we travel back in time, to a simpler one where no cell phones doth appear. For a dose of Grandma’s love is really all you need to live happily, happily ever after indeed! 

With love,

Mykle McCoslin







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